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Discover the best travel packages to the Galapagos and live an unforgettable experience in this natural paradise. With our high-quality tour packages, you can explore the islands and their unique biodiversity, enjoy outdoor activities, and relax in top-rated accommodations. Book now and embark on an adventure you’ll remember forever with the best Galapagos travel packages!

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Galapagos Transfers

The Darwin path can help you plan the transportation that best suits your needs.

Galapagos hotels

Looking for the perfect hotel for your Galapagos adventure? Look no further than L-Kleta Galapagos Hotel! Our hotel offers comfortable and stylish accommodations in the heart of the islands, with easy access to all the best sights and activities. Whether you’re here for wildlife watching, outdoor adventures, or just to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery, L-Kleta Galapagos Hotel has everything you need for an unforgettable stay. Book your room now and experience the magic of the Galapagos in comfort and style.

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About us

The Darwin Path

Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting the Galapagos Islands? Come and explore the archipelago that inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution.

We are Yogo Alvear and Daniela Aguirre, founders of The Darwin Path. We are a Galapagueño family, born and raised here on the islands. Together we have worked in tourism for over 15 years, performing not only on operations and logistics but also as guides for the Galapagos National Park. We have a deep connection with the natural and human history of the islands.

The Darwin Path is passionate about sustainable tourism, and we will orchestrate your personal Galapagos encounter in a way that will allow you to discover one of the world’s most iconic paradises alongside local residents.

Naturalist & Adventures Guides

All our guides are certified by the Galapagos National Park as being bilingual in Spanish and English.

Comfortable transfer between islands

We will advise you on the best way to move between the islands depending on your needs, whether it be by air or sea.

Local food

The food is an important part of any culture, and here on the islands it is no exception. When considering where to eat, we choose restaurants with a low environmental impact that use local products which are sourced from members of the community on the island.

Unique experiences

Our staff members love travelling, and each of them is aware of the beauty and peril of unregulated and extractive tourism. That is why our mission is to produce and offer a “real” Galapagos experience that empowers small, local entrepreneurs.

Good accommodation

Our hotels, hostels and lodging houses are selected not only for their high standards of service, but also for the fact that they are constantly mindful of their environmental impact here on the islands. Each place goes to great lengths to generate the least impact and abide by fair trade principles.

New friends

Our relationships with our customers are very important and special to us; you will be integrated into our small community and build lasting friendships. We will be by your side to guide you around our vibrant culture, giving you the opportunity to live like a local.

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