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Mountain Bike Adventure

Prices from: 85,00 USD

per person

Half-day tour to explore the north-east area of Santa Cruz Island, combining adventure, entertainment, tradition and culture. The excursion starts at 8h00 from the hotel and ends around 13h00 in the afternoon.

We first walk through the Tunnel of Love in Bellavista, the biggest lava tunnel in Santa Cruz and an excellent place to learn more about the volcanic origin of the archipelago. We will continue our trip to Cerro Mesa, from which, if the weather allows, we can appreciate the stunning view of Garrapatero beach and some of the islets surrounding Santa Cruz. This is also home of the eastern giant tortoises, recently distinguished as a new species in the living laboratory which is Galapagos.

From here we will take mountain bikes downhill over 10 miles, passing through cedar forests, coffee plantations, avocado plantations, incense trees and cacti, until we get to a windy road that takes us to Garrapatero Beach. This is the time to relax, swim at the beach or rest in the shade of the mangroves while we have some snacks and beverages. We will take our car on the way back and stop at El Trapiche farm, a local demonstrative farm where we can learn traditional methods to make coffee, chocolate and sugar cane liquor and have the opportunity to taste and buy these delicacies.

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Paddle Boarding Adventure

Prices from: 60,00 USD

per person

Half-day tour to explore the coastline of Santa Cruz Island by combining adventure and entertainment. The excursion starts at 9h00 from the hotel and ends around 12:30h in the afternoon.
We have two options of the same level, one near the town in Franklin Bay, and the other in the majestic Tortuga Bay beach. Both of these tours involve a light hike of between 45 minutes and one hour, followed by a tour on paddle boards through the mangroves and the calm waters of the Pacific ocean, with a unique opportunity to spot blue footed boobies, blacktip reef sharks, sea lions, turtles, rays and many reef fish.

After a short trip around the bay, we will have about 30 minutes to enjoy snorkeling.

This tour is open to all, even if you have no previous experience using a paddle board. We give you all the necessary training and tips, and it’s very easy to pick up. However, you do need to be able to swim.

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