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Pictures and video taken by the guide. You will need to bring a memory stick or SD card in the afternoon to collect them.

Gordon Rocks

Prices from: 190,00 USD

per person

Gordon Rocks is an extinct volcanic crater with a sandy bottom of 32 meters at its core and a wall drop around the outside of about 65 meters.

The site has three exposed rocks that surround the crater and three pinnacles found under the surface at the northern edge of the crater, found between six to eight meters underwater. There is one larger pinnacle of approximately 21 meters below the surface in the center of the crater.

The strong currents found at Gordon Rocks make it an excellent home for schools of hammerhead sharks, some of the most iconic animals found in the Galapagos. Schools of up to 50 sharks (or more if you are lucky) can be found circling the rocks through the current, giving divers ample repeated views of these extraordinary creatures. White and blacktip reef sharks also frequent the area, as well as green sea turtles, sea lions, stingrays, eagle rays, large schools of barracuda and snapper, and the occasional majestic manta ray or Mola mola.

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North Seymour & Mosquera

Prices from: 190,00 USD

per person

North Seymour topography consists of gradual steps descending from the island shoreline, declining 8 meters to a beautiful rock reef, before reaching the sandy bottom at 16–18 meters. Diving at Seymour provides the opportunity to swim with many white and blacktip reef sharks, as well as being a favorite resting place for large numbers of green sea turtles. Though Seymour is not as famous for hammerhead sharks as other sites, it is still possible to see small schools at both Seymour sites, swimming along the current.

Large schools of barracuda, snapper, and other reef fish are also in abundance, and the rock reef is an excellent place to search for well-camouflaged octopi. A personal favorite of ours, however, are the schools of spotted eagle rays that glide through the channel just above the sand, occasionally joined by devil and manta rays.

Mosquera and its fringing rock reef is similar to Seymour until you reach the large sandy-bottomed platform and rock drop of around 21 meters. Here you can relax underwater and wait for the schools of magnificent eagle rays, hammerhead sharks, blacktip reef sharks, and the occasional, elusive, Galapagos shark. Manta rays are a special treat anywhere and sightings at Mosquera are certainly a possibility. On the sandy-bottomed platform you will be amazed by the Galapagos garden eels — thousands of them, as far as the eye can see, craning out of their tunnels to take in all the currents have to offer.

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Prices from: 220,00 USD

per person

Bartolome and Cousins Offer terraced steps that descend to 30 meters before dropping down to a Sandy bottom at 40 meters. The steps are covered with soft black coral and are an excellent place to find the Pacific seahorse. The overhangs from some of the steps are favorite haunts of whitetip reef sharks, green sea turtles, large moray eels, and octopi. Schools of barracuda and other reef fish can also be seen at these sites. Manta rays and hammerheads can often be seen off the steps in the blue.

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Floreana Island

Prices from: 220,00 USD

per person

Floreana offers a most interesting topography, with rocky outcrops, small caves, and a sandy bottom providing an excellent hiding place for many marine animals. The large school ofblack-striped Salema fish is an amazing sight, taking you to another world as they envelop you in their thousands. Whilst the red-lipped batfish with its leg-like fins and cherry red lips has made more than a few jaws drop.

White and blacktip reef sharks, green sea turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, and hammerhead sharks are also among those who frequent the Floreana dive sites. Floreana is a special place to snorkel and dive with the baby sea lions (don’t be surprised if they take a liking to your fins!).

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Kicker Rock

Prices from: 190,00 USD

per person

Kicker Rock is known as one of the best dive sites in the archipelago to expect a school of salema fishes, hammerhead sharks, Galápagos sharks, turtles, eagle rays, golden rays and sea lions. The outside wall of the rock goes 60m/200ft straight to the bottom – good buoyancy control for divers is a must. Currents are mild to moderate. The second dive goes through the dramatic channel cutting through the rock between towering walls. The divers go up from 20m/60ft to 15-13m/40ft. The dive ends on the other side of the channel.

Depending on the date you’d like to book the tour, the operator offers 2 dives/2 times snorkeling in combination with a visit of different beaches

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